Event Menus

We change the dishes we cook from time to time and from show to show, but these are some of the firm favourites we're always asked for by our regular customers.  All meals can be served to eat there and then, or put into microwavable containers to take home at no extra cost. We use generous portions of diced chicken breast and all main meals (apart from noodles) are served with jasmine rice. You can mix two main meals together for an additional 50p too. Main meals are usually priced at 4.50 GBP each at local markets and 5.00 GBP at larger shows (where costs of attending are higher).

Chicken green curry. A very famous dish, perfect in the colder climate due to its spice. Cooked with carrots, green beans and mushrooms.  It is usually the spiciest meal but not so hot that it willd detract from the famous authentic taste.  

Chicken red curry. Less spicy than green and a completely different flavour.

Chicken penang curry. A hugely tasty curry, medium spicy, and has become our most popular meal for good reason. A drier curry with carrots, green beans and mushrooms. Once tried always addicted.

Chicken massaman curry. A thick mild southern Thai curry made with potatoes and onions. Never too spicy and children also love it.

Chicken with cashew nuts. Just superb. Everyone loves it and it's always the first to sell out at shows, but it's also the most time-consuming to make.  A real explosion of flavour and made as it is in Thailand, with dried red chilis and mushrooms.Kai-Pad-Med-Mamuang44

Noodles. Yellow egg noodles stir-fried with fresh cabbage, beansprouts, red peppers and more. Can be eaten on its own or mixed with a main meal instead of rice.


Side Dishes

Our infamous Spring Rolls (1.50 each) can be bought just fried on the stand or raw to take home and shallow fry. Using some secret ingredients we always have customers comment that they're the best they've ever tried.  They're large and juicy, full of vermicelli noodles, carrot shavings and green vegetables.  Vastly different from the pre-frozen spring rolls you'll get at most Thai and Chinese restaurants.  Served with the best imported sweet chili sauce.

Thai fishcakes (3 for 2.50) are a little spicy using red curry paste as an important ingredient and go very well with main meals.

Chicken satay (3 sticks for 2.50) is nice with either peanut sauce or sweet chili and is also very popular with children.

Sesame prawn toast (3 pieces for 2.50) is another popular choice, as are...

Deep fried prawns (3 for 2.50 or 6 for 5.00) made with a special Thai powder than coated in breadcrumbs they are highly addictive for good reason. Large prawns freshly cooked cannot be beaten especially when they have this much flavour. Great with mayonnaise back home (oven warmed) or with our sweet chili dip.